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Retail Display Solutions

Touch Systems, digital kiosks and LCD monitors are increasingly being used in the retail environment now that the programs and applications have allowed them to be much more intuitive to use than non-touch systems and screens have become sufficiently robust.

Soanar is a major supplier of high definition and touch displays to many players in the retail environment from stand alone stores to shopping centres.

Applications range from point of sale cash terminals thorough to product information kiosks.

Point Of Sale Cash Systems

POS systems can be configured either as an all-in-one display/computer system or a collection of individual components that include touch monitor, cash drawer, CPU, scanners, keyboards. Staff find touch systems more intuitive to use than other forms and depending on the software POS systems can be made to be portable too reducing the need for a fixed point in the shop.

Digital Signage

Interactive and dynamic digital signage devices are usually touch-enabled industrial-grade LCD displays or all-in-one LCD display systems. By utilising creative content, walk past shoppers are enticed to engage with the brand meaning that promotional messages can be delivered with better cut-through given participants engagement with the media

Self Service Ordering and/or Product Information Kiosks

Touch Display systems can be configured to be a self-service payment kiosk or simply used as an information source for shoppers wanting more information about a product either in a retail store or at a casual lease site. A touch display allows the visitor to engage with the service or product in their own way and time giving them the feeling of control.

Point of Information (POI)

Touch Systems and kiosks can be utilized as information desks in shopping centres, galleries, museums, airports and other large venues. These kiosks can be designed to assist with directions, up to date travel information, or loaded with content to suit.

Benefits of Touch Displays and Kiosks Include:

  • Engaged shoppers feeling more in control of their buying experience
  • Control of message delivery to your customers
  • Reduced staff costs
  • Increasing check-out throughput
  • Accelerating new staff training
  • Reduced transactional errors
  • Better engagement with shoppers (when using mobile pos display)
  • Interactive and more engaging brand experiences
  • Enhanced promotion of service, product or event

If you are in the retail industry and are looking for solutions to fit your applications, contact Soanar today.


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