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Soldering irons

Soldering irons

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Tip to suit TS1111 soldering irons...
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20/130W Soldering Iron Starter Kit
All the soldering essentials for the hobbyist. This kit represents excellent value, the best in soldering we've seen, anywhere. The sum of the ind...
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20/130W Turbo Soldering Iron
Sometimes you need that extra bit of heat in your soldering. Push the little red button on this iron and you get a lot more power - from 20 watts to 1...
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25 Watt 240V Soldering Iron
Ideal for the hobbyist and handy person.Has a stainless steel barrel and orange cool grip impact resistant handle.Fully electrically safety approved.S...
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25W Soldering Iron Starter Kit with DMM
The ideal starter package for young electronics enthusiasts or the home handyman, this kit contains everything needed for basic electronics work. The ...
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30W 240V Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron
If your budget doesn't extend to a soldering station, you can still have temperature control. This iron is adjustable  with a dial on the han...
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3mm Flat Tip
3mm Flat Tip for TS-1113...
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40W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
An ideal entry-level soldering station for the hobby user. This station comes with a lightweight iron with anti-slip grip and tip cleaning sponge, wit...
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48W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
Ideal station for the advanced hobby user. It features accurate analogue temperature adjustment, ceramic element and a lightweight pencil that will gi...
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4mm Chisel Tip
4mm Chisel for TS-1113...
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60W ESD Safe Lead-Free Soldering Station with LCD Panel
Differing types of lead-free solder have a variety of melting points which can create problems for older soldering stations or those not designed for ...
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80 Watt 240V Soldering Iron
Ideal for the hobbyist and handy person.Has a stainless steel barrel and orange cool grip impact resistant handle.Fully electrically safety approved.S...
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80W Desoldering Station
Suitable for desoldering all types of components, and also allow easy removal of the residual solder at the same time.
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Battery Powered 6W Soldering Iron
A few years ago, battery powered soldering irons used to be about as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle. Things have changed and while 6W won'...
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Blower Tip
Blower Tip for TS-1113...
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Spare tip for TS-1111...
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Deluxe Soldering Iron Stand
This stand is ideal for heavier soldering irons.It features a hefty cast iron base with removable sponge tray and twin spiral iron holder.SPARE SPONGE...
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ESD Safe Goot Temperature Controlled Soldering Station w/- Digital Display
The RX-711AS soldering station is a precision, Japanese manufactured instrument with excellent temperature stability and anti-static characterist...
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ESD Safe Solder/Desolder Rework Station
Complete solder/desolder station for production and service use. Both the soldering pencil and hot air blower temperature are microprocessor controlle...
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Gas Blow Torch with Butane gas
Useful for a range of handyman and hobbyist functions.
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Goot 240V 85W 240V Soldering Iron
This high quality soldering iron is made in Japan by Goot. Goot is a famous brand throughout the world, but virtually unknown in Australia and New Zea...
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Low Cost Gas Soldering Iron
A low cost alternative for the DIY person, this butane gas soldering iron features adjustable tip temperature and a fold-out stand. Remove the solderi...
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Save money and repair small/medium cracks with this cordless welding kit.
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Portasol Plastic Welding Kit
A simple to use but highly capable plastic welding kit.
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Pro Piezo Gas Soldering Iron
The Portasol Pro Piezo is a powerful gas soldering iron, featuring an adjustable temperature control allowing soldering tip temperatures up to 580°C. ...
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Pro Piezo Gas Soldering Tool Kit
This kit contains a Portasol Pro Piezo Gas Soldering Iron, and all of the following parts.*Quality storage case.*Cleaning sponge and tray.*2.4mm doubl...
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Spare Soldering Pencil (TS1610)
Spare soldering pencil to suit TS1610 mini soldering station
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Spare Soldering Pencil for TS-1564
Spare Soldering Pencil for TS-1564...
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Spare sponge to suit TS1507 Iron Stand
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Spare tip to suit TS-1475 Soldering Iron
Suits Duratech hand held iron...
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Super Pro Gas Soldering Iron
The Portasol Super Pro is the big brother of all irons in the range. It features adjustable tip temperature up to 580°C, with equivalent electrical po...
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Showing 1 - 31 of 31 Results Sort by 1