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Other tools

Other tools

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10 Piece Needle File Kit
Every toolbox should have a set of needle files. These sets contain every profile you could ever need. All have integrated plastic handles and come in...
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10 Piece Spanner Set For Electronics
Ideal mini spanner set. Set of 10 pieces, one end open, the other end - ring. Suitable for light hobbyist use.- Sizes supplied are: 4.0mm4.5mm5.0mm5.5...
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200 Piece Spring Assortment
This set contains approximately 200 springs, with 20 different types, compression and tension. They range from the smallest which is about 10mm long t...
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4 Piece Mini Pick & Hook Set
These hook tools have stainless steel heat treated points, and are ideal for use on O-rings, springs, snap rings, washers, checking soldering joints, ...
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Automatic Centre Punch (Prick Punch)
This handy tool allows you to make a centre punch mark with one hand. You simply hold the unit against where you would want a centre punch mark, apply...
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Benchtop Work Mat - 450 x 300mm
Protect your benchtop. This durable A3 size PVC cutting mat is just the thing to protect your work benchtop. You can cut on it, solder, write on it, a...
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Blade and Mini Blade Pulling Tool
These handy fuse pullers make easy work of exchanging blown fuses. The device is suitable for both micro and mini blade fuses.
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Budget SMD Vacuum pick up tool
Budget SMD component pickup tool.  This handy workshop SMD component pickup tool fits into your pocket and uses vacuum pressure to pick up your s...
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Cable Tie Gun
If you have lots of cable ties to tighten and trim, you will love this ingenious device.  Once you have wrapped the tie around the cable you simp...
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Component Lead Forming Tool
Get the hole spacing for your resistors and diodes perfect every time. This handy forming tool provides uniform hole spacing from 10 to 38mm. Suitable...
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Conductive Brush
This brush looks very much like a toothbrush. The handle is made from conductive plastic, and the comb from conductive nylon. Use it to clean anything...
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De-Burring Tool
Ideal tool for the hobbyist. Clean up the edges of a hole. Suitable for steel, plastic, wood etc. Blades are fully ground for safety. SK2 steel blades...
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Female pin extractor
Take the frustration out of removing Molex connector pins with these time save tools. Simply slide the tool over the connector and push the plunger to...
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File Saw
This is a versatile tool that will find many uses around the home or workshop. Great for cutting odd shapes in plaster, PVC pipe, PVC sheeting, leathe...
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Fire Starter Rod Kit
In ages past such a kit would have made you a god amongst men. Tribal members would worship your divine magic and construct statues in reverence of your power.
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Inspection Mirror
See around corners, read the code from that deeply buried transistor. This plastic handled inspection mirror is even gamma sterilised! - Supplied in s...
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The eternal problem of small screws, nuts, and bolts rolling off into oblivion is one step closer to being solved. This is a fully magnetic project ma...
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PCB Drill Chuck
This chuck will allow you to use mini drills from 0.6mm up on your normal drill / cordless drill / power screwdriver orscrewdriver which accepts stand...
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Pearl Catch
Incredibly handy tool for those moments when you need to pick up small fiddly bits and pieces. Will clip to and hold small nuts, bolts, washers, trans...
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Pin Extractor Press
A handy little pin-extractor/inserter press with a 08mm punch. Mainly intended for taking links out of watch bands, but endless other uses for jewelle...
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Pin Extractor Tool
Take the frustration out of removing Molex connector pins with these time save tools. Simply slide the tool over the connector and push the plunger to...
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Rotary Tool Kit with Flexible Shaft
Flexible shafts are particularly useful for porting heads in engines, but have a multitude of other applications where you need to get into a tight sp...
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This pen type tool will scribe on metal, glass, plastic, ceramics and tools. Stylus is made of tungsten steel. Looks like a pen, and has a pocket clip...
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Stainless Steel Tweezer Set
A set of 4 tweezers, three supplied with vinyl handles, comprising1 x self closing pointed type1 x long curved pointed type1 x long fine pointed type1...
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Staples Refill for TH-2610 4-6mm Pk 200
Cable Staples Refill 4 - 6mm Pk 200 Cat TH-2611Round cable: 4 - 6mmFlat cable: 2.5 - 4.0mm high and <8.0mm wide Suits: RG58, RG59, Cat5/6, Alarm Ca...
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Staples Refill for TH-2610 6-8mm Pk 200
Cable Staples Refill 6 - 8mm Pk 200 Cat TH-2612Round cable: 6 - 8mmFlat cable: 4.5 - 6.3 high and <10.3mm wideSuits: RG6Q, RG8, 8GA, 10A Mains Flex...
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Staples Refill for TH-2615 9-11.5mm Pk 200
Cable Staples Refill 9.5 - 11mm Pk 200 TH-2617Round cable: 9.5 - 11mmSuits: 4GA, RG11, RG60, RG213, Loom Tube...
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Video, Audio & CD Drive Belt Pack - 25 pieces
Now you can have a selection of high quality drive belts on hand for fast turnaround of repairs and maintenance of a wide variety of video and audio e...
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Showing 1 - 28 of 28 Results Sort by 1