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Hand Tools

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10 Piece Blade Set to suit TH-1916 Hobby Knife Set
10 spare blades to suit the TH1916 Hobby Knife SetIncludes:
• 1 x #1
• 1 x #4
• 1 x #7
• 1 x #10
• 3 x #11
• 2 x #12
• 1 x...
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10 Piece Needle File Kit
Every toolbox should have a set of needle files. These sets contain every profile you could ever need. All have integrated plastic handles and come in...
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10 Piece Reinforced Plastic Tool Set
Doesn't cause any damage to screws and nuts
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10 Piece Spanner Set For Electronics
Ideal mini spanner set. Set of 10 pieces, one end open, the other end - ring. Suitable for light hobbyist use.- Sizes supplied are: 4.0mm4.5mm5.0mm5.5...
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100Pc Driver Bit Set
The ultimate driver bit set.This is what you get - (All in tool steel):
• 1 x magnetic bit holder
• 1 x square to hex socket driver 50mm
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10x LED Magnifier with Scale
With all metal construction and glass optics, this superb little magnifier provides 10 dioptre magnification with razor-sharp clarity. Inside the view...
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110 Krone Blade for Punch-Down Tool
These blades are to suit both the punch tools - TH-1740 & TH-1741. Made from hardened SNCM-21, these blades are both changeable and reversible, an...
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110 Piece 12V Rotary Tool Set
Drill, saw, sand, polish, carve or grind in your workshop or out on the road. 100+ bits and attachments cover every possible task you'll ever need...
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125mm Precision Long Nose Pliers
These pliers are made in Japan from quality tool steel. The pliers feature serrated jaws and a box joint to provide a precise action and strong grip. ...
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14 Piece Precision Hobby Knife Set
Handy hobby tool set comprising of 10 different blades, handle, 70mm long tweezers, 90mm long flat screwdriver and vernier calipers, which measure up ...
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15 Piece Micro Driver Set
With the vast variety of fasteners in all shapes and sizes out there, you need to have drivers to fit all of them. This handy set will fit the bill fo...
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150mm Precision Side Cutters
These cutters are made from the same high carbon steel as our TH-1885 long nose pliers and are designed for sharp cutting in precision wiring. They ha...
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1m Key Chain Tape Measure
A handy retractable tape measure to take wherever you go. Durable yellow ABS body with a soft black rubber surround for comfort and grip. Small enough...
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1m Key Chain Tape Measure
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20 Piece Micro Drill Set 0.3 - 1.6mm
20 micro drills in indexing storage case, ideal for drilling wood, composites, plastic or soft metals. Indexed case enables removal of the bit you wan...
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200 Piece Spring Assortment
This set contains approximately 200 springs, with 20 different types, compression and tension. They range from the smallest which is about 10mm long t...
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22 Piece Long Bit Screwdriver Set with Case
Tackle a wide range of fastening scenarios using our compact screwdriver set comprising a selection of popular slotted, Phillips, Star and TRI bits, p...
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25 Piece Allen Key Set
25 different size allen keys in a plastic wallet. Both metric and imperial sizes.- Metric: 1.27, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0...
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27 Piece Smartphone Repair Kit
Multi-function Disassemble Tool Kit
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270° Rotation Clamp Vice
Rotate the head through 270° to make your work easier. The base will clamp to any bench or table up to 55mm thick and the 40mm jaws will take a jo...
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30 Piece Tool Kit with Case
Minor DIY repairs are a breeze with this 30 piece tool kit and every DIYer should have one of these in easy reach. The tools are held securely in a zi...
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300mm (12") Copper Cable Shears
These super heavy duty cutters feature a precision cutting head forged from carbon steel attached to drop forged steel handles for extra leverage. Des...
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31 Piece Mini Tap & Die Set
This 31 piece set is for the ultra small screws found in electronics. The kit consists of 9 metric screw cutting dies: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2...
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32 Piece Precision Driver Set
High quality driver set with all those really small bits. Tactile handle with hardened hex shaft that extends from 140 to 210mm. Ideal for jewellery, ...
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35 Piece Multi-purpose Precision Tool Kit with Vinyl Case
Comprehensive tool set in a quality zipped storage case
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4 Piece Countersink Set
The easy way to deburr or countersink. drill hold, insert tool with appropriate bit, and turn for a countersunk angle of 90°. Bits include 12, 16 and ...
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4 Piece Mini Pick & Hook Set
These hook tools have stainless steel heat treated points, and are ideal for use on O-rings, springs, snap rings, washers, checking soldering joints, ...
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4P/6P/8P/10P Modular Crimp Tool
This great tool will cut, strip, and crimp flat telephone cable, or Cat5e type cable also. Constructed from high quality carbon steel, it features int...
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5 Diopter LED Illuminated Magnifying Lamp
Magnify and illuminate objects for analysis. A must have tool for technicians, researchers, or for general hobby work that involves soldering, connect...
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5 Pce Torx Screwdriver Set
Easy to use colour coded torx screwdrivers in a plastic case. Each screwdriver has a swivel head for easy use. Blade length is 20mm and torx sizes are...
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5 Way Crimping Tool
This crimping tool will do the following:- cut wire- strip wire with diameters 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.5, 4.0 & 6.0mm- crimp non insulated terminals- cu...
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6 Piece Insulated Electronic Screwdriver Set
These screwdrivers have ergonomic handles with excellent non-slip grips  The shafts are fully insulated and rated for 1000V. The set contains all...
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6 Piece Precision Tamperproof Torx Set
A quality set of chrome vanadium drivers consisting of T7, T8, T9, T10, T15 and T20. All drivers are 145mm length & presented in a felt-lined plas...
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6.5inch Long Nose Pliers
You can see the quality German design in these strong and attractive pliers. They are drop forged to the same standards as the other tools in the rang...
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6/12 LED Magnifying Glass
Extremely robust, this is not the kind of magnifier you keep in the desk and bring out occasionally. All metal construction makes it ideal for the lab...
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6inch Insulated Side Cutters
This drop forged alloy tool is made to the same standards as our TH1984 combination pliers. It is just as tough and will also cut piano wire up to 1.6...
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6P / 8P Modular Crimping Tool
This tool will crimp the following plugs: 6P2C, 6P4C - RJ11, 6P6C - RJ12, 8P - RJ45.- It also cuts and strips the cable....
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7 Piece Hex Nut Driver Set
A useful set of hex nut drivers with deep sockets that allow a generous length of thread to protrude though the nut you are tightening. Sizes supplied...
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7 Piece Screwdriver Set
A quality set of 7 screwdrivers with storage box that offers reliability and value without compromise. GS and DVE tested and approved to 1000V.  ...
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75mm (3) Sheet Metal Bending Pliers
Bend sheet metal easily with this heavy duty offset hand tool. Features strengthened rivets and dual layered pitted handle for a firm grip.
• Jaw ...
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7inch Bull Nose Pliers
Strong, Tough & Reliable.These high quality drop forged alloy steel pliers are a professional tool and manufactured to the rigid German DIN standa...
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Adjustable Compression Crimping Tool
Works with RG6 and RG59
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Anti Static Field Service Mat/Bag
This mat is ideal for field service people, who need an anti-static work area when on the move. The mat folds out to reveal a work area of approximael...
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Anti Static Wrist Strap
Use when static electricity is a problem when soldering, changing ICs and installing expansion cards in computers etc. Static charges can destroy ICs ...
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Anti Static Wrist Strap - Elastic
Similar to the unit above, this strap has an extra long coiled lead of 3M/10FT extended. This makes it ideal formoving about your workbench without ha...
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Anti-Magnetic Precision Tweezers
These are high quality tweezers made from anti magnetic, anti acid steel. Perfect for handling SMD components, jewels or general electronic components...
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Anti-static Work Place Desk Mat
This anti-static mat measures 555(W) x 290(D)mm and is ideal for anyone who manufactures, repairs or services sensitive electronic equipment. It is ab...
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Artwork Knife
Light duty precision knife with safety cap. Ideal for fine angle cuts, etching, hollowing, scoring, scraping, scribing, stripping and trimming. Four j...
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