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Sound dampening

Sound dampening

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650gsm Acrylic Speaker Dampening Material
Used to line speaker boxes for standing wave/resonance absorption. Also very effective for making acoustic treatment like bass traps in sound rooms an...
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Black Speaker Grille Cloth - 1 x 1.5m
High quality, acoustically transparent grille cloth is ideal for protecting expensive drivers and allowing all of the sound to get through.- Supplied ...
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Butyl Based Sound Deadening Material
Give your vibrating buzz-box a luxury car ride with this butyl-based, foil backed sound deadening material. By adding weight to the metal panels of yo...
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Combination Butyl/Foam Super Sound Deadener
Combining both the sound deadening properties of butyl material, and insulating properties of honeycomb foam, this is an easy single application solut...
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Heavy Duty Sound Barrier Damping Material - Improved
This is basically a flexible plastic-like material that forms an attenuating/reflecting sound barrier. The product is made of 25% P.V.C. loaded and sp...
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Self-Adhesive Sound Absorbing Foam
The perfect ultra light weight insulator to use in conjunction with AX-3687. This durable crush and tear- resistant material has the highest heat bloc...
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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 Results Sort by 1