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Antennas & hardware

Antennas & hardware

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12V Masthead Amp Power Injector
An easy solution to powering a masthead amp on a caravan, RV, camper trailer etc. It plugs into a cigarette lighter/12V power socket and feeds power f...
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2 way Indoor Amplifier/Splitter
Split and amplify your UHF, VHF or FM signals with these handy amplifier splitters. Features high gain and low noise to ensure your signal is of a hig...
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3G/4G 7dBi 850 - 2100MHz Fibreglass Antenna
Built for maximum range and performance, the antenna is required if you need a reliable 3G/4G signal while on the road. It comes with a 5m cable with ...
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4 Way Push Connection Speaker Terminal
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43 Element UHF Antenna
Suitable for medium signal reception areas.Specifications:Elements - 43Gain - 13dBChannels - 21 to 69Bands - 4 & 5Frequency - 470 to 862MHzBoom Wi...
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4G/LTE Filter for Digital TV Reception
Since the re-stacking of Digital TV transmissions has already begun, pretty soon 4G/LTE mobile phone signals will start being transmitted on the old U...
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91 Element UHF Antenna
Huge antenna suitable for deep fringe signal reception.SpecificationsElements - 91Gain - 15 - 19dBChannels - 21 to 69Bands - 4 & 5Freq. - 470 to 8...
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Amplifier 20dB Gain Plug In 4G LTE Filter
Matchmaster 10MM-MA20FL TV Antenna Signal Amplifier
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Antenna Bargeboard Mount
Simply bolts onto bargeboard (below gutter) or other support. 1800mm long, galvanised steel construction.- Mounting plate: 215mm x 65mm(Hockey Stick)...
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LT3165 - Digimatch VHF 10 ElementReceives band 3 (channels 6-12)Specifications:
• Elements - 10
• Gain - VHF 9.5dB
• Av VSWR -...
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LT3161 - Digimatch VHF 6 ElementReceives band 3 (channels 6-12)Specifications:
• Elements - 6
• Gain - VHF 8dB
• Av VSWR - VHF...
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Caravan/RV (general purpose) Mast
This unit in natural finish anodised aluminium is a telescopic mast suitable for T.V. and other antennas. It will extend to 1.5 metres in 3 sections. ...
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Digimatch VHF/UHF Economy 7 Element Receives Band 3, 4, and 5 (Channel 6-12 and 28-69)
LT3172 - Digimatch VHF/UHF Economy 7 ElementReceives Band 3, 4, and 5 (ch 6-12 and 28-69) Features:
• Perfect for Caravans or space-cons...
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Digimatch VHF/UHF X-type Colinear 27 Element Receives Band 3, 4, and 5 (Channel 6-12 and 28-69)
LT-3195 - Digimatch VHF/UHF X-type Colinear 27 ElementReceives Band 3, 4, and 5 (ch 6-12 and 28-69) Specifications:
• Elements - 27 &bul...
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Digimatch VHF/UHF/HDTV Masthead Amplifier
Designed in Australia specifically for harsh Australian conditions, this masthead amp is ideal for digital, analogue or HDTV reception in Australia or...
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Digital Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna
As global television moves from analogue to digital, this indoor/outdoor digital antenna will be a great investment in your household. With its contem...
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Diseqc 1.2 Motor with Metal Gear
DiSEqC (pronounced "Die-Sec") is the signal protocol used between a satellite receiver and a dish rotor. This DiSEqC motor connects to the output of a...
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External Antenna for Antenna Base (DC3076)
For use with our external antenna base (DC-3066) or any other antenna base with suitable connecting thread.Specification:
• Operating Frequency: ...
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FM Indoor Antenna - 300ohm
Simple ribbon type antenna (dipole) gives good performance in strong signal areas.300 ohm termination....
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Indoor Digital TV Amplifier UHF/VHF
A portable and compact amplifier capable of boosting signals to passive indoor TV antennas for both digital and analogue signals. It can be powered fr...
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Indoor Flat Panel UHF/VHF Digital Antenna with Amplifier
An indoor antenna that will sit unobtrusively near your TV. An extremely capable unit featuring signal clear technology with extremely low noise circu...
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Indoor TV Amplifier with Single Output
Such a simple and neat solution to boosting your TV antenna signals. The unit simply plugs into a mains outlet, and boosts your TV antenna signals thr...
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Kingray SAM224FS 4-Output Masthead Amplifier
Australian design and high quality SMD construction leads to exception performance from this 4-output masthead amplifier from Kingray. Accepts a singl...
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Kingray VHF/UHF Masthead Amp with LTE/4G Filters
As you may be aware by now, a large chunk of the Australian TV broadcast spectrum is being reallocated for the next generation 4G/LTE mobile phone ser...
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Log-Periodic 32 Element VHF/UHF TV Antenna
Specifically designed with digital TV in mind, this combination VHF/UHF log periodic antenna picks up all the frequencies where digital TV is transmit...
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Outdoor Omni-Directional UHF/VHF Amplified Digital Antenna
With inbuilt low noise and high gain booster, this compact and weather resistant outdoor digital antenna is ideally suited for caravans, boats, and ot...
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Outdoor Type Balun
Mounts on antenna. Converts natural 300 ohm impedance of an antenna to 75for coax. `F' type female output. Eliminates saddle clamp termination.Req...
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Outdoor UHF/VHF/MARINE TV Antenna with rotation motor
Digital ready. It rotates. Ideal for "grey nomads". This unit is ideal for the traveller. Because you could be in any part of Aust/NZ this antenna wor...
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Plastic Microphone Bracket
Microphone bracket clip to suit DC1120 UHF handset. The back plate features mounting holes for screwing it in and is flat enough to use double sided a...
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Replacement Power Supplies for Masthead Amplifiers - 14Vdc @ 150mA
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Replacement Power Supplies for Masthead Amplifiers - 17.5VAC @ 100mA
F socket power injector3 year warrantyNote: The connector is designed to simply push into an F-socket. No threading required....
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Right Angle Bull Bar Bracket Stainless
This stainless steel bracket will allow you to attach an antenna to your vehicles bull bar to improve reception to your UHF radio. For those who frequ...
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Shortwave Passive Reel Antenna to suit AR-1748 and AR-1945
Designed for use with our shortwave radios (model AR-1748 and AR-1945) this reel antenna features two clips that attach to the telescopic rod antenna ...
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Slim Digital TV Indoor Antenna with Amplifier
This digital TV antenna is fitted with an LTE/4G filter which protects your TV from mobile broadband interference. It also features adjustable gain as...
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Telescopic Antenna Mast
With adjustable height and durable aluminium construction, this versatile telescopic antenna mast is suitable for just about any domestic application ...
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U-Clamp/V-Block for Antennas
For securely clamping mast sections, mounts, etc., at right angles....
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UHF External Antenna Base
Designed for use with our fixed installation transceiver unit (DC1120) to enable you to add a larger antenna for better communication range. The anten...
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UHF Phased Array TV Antenna
This wideband phased array antenna suits analogue or digital TV, and is ideal for country or poor reception areas or where you have ghosting problems....
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UHF/VHF Digital TV Masthead Amplifier
A cost effective 26dB masthead amplifier suitable for digital, analogue, or HDTV reception. The unit is able to accept signals from separate UHF and V...
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UHF/VHF Passive Indoor TV Antenna - Desk or Wall Mount
The traditional “rabbit” ears antenna for the modern day. With flat screen TV’s, rabbit ear antennas no longer have the ideal spot s...
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Wall Mount Antenna Bracket with Clamp
Wall mount, 305mm long with U-bolt....
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Showing 1 - 41 of 41 Results Sort by 1